Guided tour to Vesuvius

Guided tour to Vesuvius

Vesuvius is an active explosive volcano, a unique condition throughout continental Europe. Located in Campania, it has a height of 1,281 m. And rises inside a caldera of 4 km in diameter.

A fresco of the 1st century, coming from the Centenary House in Pompeii (currently at the Archaeological Museum of Naples), represents Dionysus covered by a bunch of grapes, next to Vesuvius, and a serpent in the foreground as a symbol of fertility. In This painting the mountain has only one peak, and is dense with vegetation and vineyards. Its fertile soil, rich in minerals and organic substances, favoured the Osci and Sunni settlements which brought to the birth of cities like Pompeii and Herculaneum.

In 79 A.D. The inhabitants of the Vesuvian area did not know the danger of the volcano, which had erupted for the last time several centuries earlier. The same Strabo, a great traveller and geographer, in the I sec. A. C could only hypothesize that the mountain had been a volcano in a bygone era: "It is a mountain surrounded by excellent fields except for the summit which, for the maximum part of the plan, is completely sterile, of ashen appearance, showing caverns and meats with coloured stones Fulginoso, as if they were burnt, so that it is permissible for you to conclude that these places once burned, with ignivomi craters, extinguished by a deficiency of matter.
The great eruption of 79 A.D. It modified the shape of the volcano, leading to the collapse of the south-eastern flank at which the current crater was formed. The last eruption dates back to March 18, 1944.
It was a very powerful eruption that destroyed some small towns, and caused not a few casualties.
This volcanic event Avvnne at the same time as the Anglo American invasion of Campania, further aggravating the plight of the populations of the area, which already suffered the suffering of war.
Since 1944 eruptions have not occurred, but Vesuvius is still active and is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, since 700,000 people live on its slopes.

It is possible to combine the visit to Vesuvius with other tourist places like Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, Capri, etc.

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