Pompeii guided Tour 3 hours

Pompeii guided Tour 3 hours


Entrance from Porta Marina Superior, 50m from the railway station Circumvesuviana Pompeii excavation line Naples-Sorrento, and 100m from the highway exit Pompei Nord.

Recommended for those who visit Pompeii for the first time.
Tour suitable for anyone, except for people with mobility problems.

Main places visited: Porta Marina, Basilica (court), forum (main square), Terme del Sarno, Triangular forum, Teatro Grande, Odeion (small theatre), Casa del Menander, Quadrivium di Holconio (main Crossroads), Lupanare (brothel), Bakery, House of the hunting, House of the Faun, Terme del Foro, thermal pole Capuano, House of the tragic poet, wheat market, plaster casts, Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Venus.

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