Guided tour of Oplontis

Guided tour of Oplontis

It is a suitable tour for all of the duration of about 1.5 hours.

The Villa of Oplontis is located within the modern city of Torre Annunziata, about three kilometers as the line of the air from ancient Pompeii. It is supposed that only two thirds of the entire villa were brought to light. It is a grandiose residential complex, with about ninety rooms, which was built along the Costa Campana and preserves the most extraordinary frescoes found in the Vesuvian area. The guided tour starts from the northern garden partly restored, as happened in several buildings in Pompeii, continues in the thermal area and in all the southern environments with suggestive frescoes in II and III style. A long portico leads to the patronal and the servile Atrium, near which there are perfectly preserved latrines. Through a wide and long corridor we pass to the oriental peristyle surrounded by finely decorated rooms, in the center of which was built an immense natatio surrounded by bronze and marble statues.

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