Guided Tour of the historic center of Naples

Guided Tour of the historic center of Naples

Tour Naples Historic Center 2.5 hours: a wonderful walk through the monuments, churches, palaces, archaeological sites, lost places and popular legends of the ancient centre of a city that boasts a history and a ancient culture.

The guided tour includes the Church of the New Jesus, Spaccanapoli (the lower Decumanus), the church and the Majolica cloister of St. Clare, Piazza Bellini with the Greco-Roman walls, the chapel of St. Severus with the extraordinary sculpture of the Veiled Christ, Via S. Gregorio Armenian with its artisan workshops of the crib, the church of S. Lorenzo and the adjoining archaeological site underground. You will go through Via dei Tribunali (the central decumanus of the ancient Neapolis) with a stop at the Pio Monte di Misericordia, where you can admire the splendid work of Caravaggio called: "The Seven Works of Mercy". Finally, you will visit the Duomo, with the chapel of the Treasury of San Gennaro, Santa returned and, if possible, the baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte with the annexed underground archaeological site.

The visits to the Majolica cloister of St. Clare, the Chapel San Severo, the archaeological area of San Lorenzo, the Pio Monte di Misericordia, and the underground archaeological area of the Duomo, provide for the payment of an entrance ticket and, therefore, are Optional.

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Guided Tour of the historic center of Naples
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