Fattoria Agrisportiva Oasi Masseria Elias-Eco Agriturismo-

Fattoria Agrisportiva Oasi Masseria Elias-Eco Agriturismo-

Welcome to the Oasi Masseria Elias (Eco Agriturismo)
The Masseria Elias is located in the heart of the interior Campania, a 17th century residence built in natural local stone, extends over an area of high naturalistic-archaeological value (site of Community interest) represents the perfect choice For all those who want to live an experience at the same time relaxing and rejuvenating, in contact with nature, tasting good and healthy food from local farms and organic farming method. It is registered in the register of Agritourisms of the region of Campania and the National Register of the Foundation campaign friend to Mr. AGTAVCMP011-)-Agro Sport Farm-sports practice and genuine food: a possible marriage at the farm-the farmhouse evolves In fact, the sports farm that combines the wellbeing deriving from the sport with the pleasure of the palate is born; Stage Trekking (affiliate UISP League Mountain and Albergabici (fairy tales), trekking trails on foot, with MtB, quad and horseback, providing assistance, maps of the territory, advice on routes-overnight/catering/tastings and leisure. We are on the track of the Tratturo Pescasseroli-Candela and the street of Michael (via Francigena del Sud) to the place stop No. 11-16 from Rome-Benevento to Brindisi. The route of the Pilgrims direct on the Gargano towards the Archangel Michael and Brindisi towards the embarkation for the Holy Land, giving assistance, refreshment, overnight and information to the pilgrims in transit.

-Our philosophy: to offer an eco-friendly stay, the utmost willingness to make known the best places and culture of our territory, its special flavors all seasoned with our courtesy.

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