Excursion to the Flegrei fields

Campi Flegrei Napoli

Are you planning to visit the Flegrei fields?

In This article, we decided to tell you about the excursions offered by the tour guides. Some are very different: you can inland in the bay or in the depths of the earth, or, still, see active phenomena in the surroundings of Solfatara.

Below, we bring you the five most important and organized itineraries of the Campi Flegrei: Some have the duration of one day, while others foresee only half a day.

The excursions you can make to the Campi Flegrei

  • Cove: Lasts a day. Here you will have the opportunity to explore part of the land and the sea. This bay was one of the most important places during the Roman period. It was attended by the patricians and the most trusted collaborators of the emperors, among whom we mention Nero and Domitian. The guide will show you the archeological Park, the Museum of the Flegrei fields. The end point of the visit will lead you through the ancient sunken bay. The itinerary is free, while a payment is provided for the entrance to the sites;
  • Descent to the Underworld: lasts a day. It has always been known the belonging of the Flegrei fields to the Underworld: In fact, it seems that the camps are one of the few accesses present in hell. This itinerary will make you feel the protagonist of the Divine Comedy: You will be transported between Hades and Aver. It is planned the submarine visit to the submerged park of Baia, in addition to the descent into the swimming pool mirabilis, located in the underground. The latter fed the imperial palaces and served the Roman fleet of Mises. As in the previous one, the itinerary is free, but a small price is provided for the sites of interest;

I approach you to one of the entrances of hell

  • The Roots and History: The third itinerary lasts half a day. This route is particularly suitable for those who want to study the history and origin of the Flegrei fields. Topics such as its conformation, origin and much more will be addressed. You can take a look on the naturalistic aspects and at the same time visit some of the most important sites of the site. Among the stops provided by the tourist guide, we can find the monuments of the Rione Terra, the ancient acropolis of Pozzuoli, the Solfatara. The latter is particularly fascinating, because it allows to know the volcanic activity of the subsoil. If you are particularly fortunate, you will see an active phenomenon;
  • Capes: The itinerary lasts for one day. You will be escorted through the last most beautiful of the Flegrei fields, between the hills, the historical and ancient monuments and the former Greek colonies, including Cuma and Dicearchia. At the end of the route, you will also visit the Aragon Castle of the bay, which is dressed as an archeological museum. Inside there are many fossils through which you can understand the history of the fields. A must-have itinerary;
  • Puteoli: Again, you will be busy all day. The last route that we recommend tells us about the ancient Puteoli. The latter was the port of Rome during the Roman period. The day will be the sign of the history and the study of the volcanic phenomena of the territory. Serapeum, Flavio Amphitheater, Rione Terra, Ancient Acropolis, Solfatara… You can be fascinated by the Flegrei fields and fully understand their history. It is one of the most complete itineraries.

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