Enoteca Eno Concept Wine & Drink-Agropoli (Sa)

Enoteca Eno Concept Wine & Drink-Agropoli (Sa)

Furnished with taste and elegance inside you will find for sale and tasting the best labels of wines, Grappas, distillates, whiskies, cognacs, sparkling wines and champagne carefully selected as well as the Enoteca Cilento ® the best wines of Cilento.

The perfect place to sip an authentic Italian aperitif or an international cocktail. In an elegant environment, the wine-making excellence of the regions of Italy are offered together with freshly prepared appetizers that enhance their value.

Air-conditioned bottle and wine staplers keep the wines at the ideal temperature, preserving from the air and prepare them for your palate.

Manager: LUIGI DEL Worm

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