Monumental complex of San Domenico Maggiore in Naples

sala degli arredi sacri - Complesso monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore a Napoli

The monumental complex of San Domenico Maggiore is one of the most important monuments of the city of Naples. Located in the historical center between the lower Decumanus and the major one, has since the Renaissance represented a pole relevant to the Scritturadella history of the city thanks to the choice of the Aragonese sovereigns to elevate the church of San Domenico to dynastic pantheon and Where you can still admire the burials. The foundation of the church dates back to 1283, the year in which Charles II of Anjou financed the building and entrusted to the friars Dominican preachers, who arrived in Naples in 1231, the imposing Gothic building finished in 1324.

The Aragonese Arche, located in the evocative sacristy frescoed in the Vault by Francesco Solimena (1709), constitute a rare and exceptional collection of burials given the excellent state of preservation of the bodies and the funerary kits, dresses in Especially, Musealizzati in the adjoining room of the sacred furnishings which also houses other important works of art, such as the enigmatic Salvator Mundi of Scuola Leonardo.

The conventual environments, exclusively accessible with guided tours, preserve exceptional testimonies of art and faith. The path finds its culmination in the visit to the cell of St. Thomas Aquinas that in San Domenico Maggiore studied and lived several times and where you can admire objects belonging to the saint and the prodigious crucifix of the 13th century that according to tradition spoke to the Aquinas. The visit to San Domenico Maggiore is a suggestive experience of art, history, culture and faith.

Entrance to the monumental sacristy and the furniture room
(Guided tour included)
Whole: €5.00
Reduced: €3.00
From Tuesday to Thursday
16.00 – 18.00
From Friday to Sunday
10.00 – 18.00
Monday: Closed

Entrance to the monumental sacristy, the furnishing room and the cell of St. Thomas Aquinas (guided tour included)
From Tuesday to Friday (for groups of Min. 20 persons, singles on reservation)
16.00 – 18.00

From Friday to Sunday
10.00 – 18.00
Whole: €7.00
Reduced: €5.00

Conditions of reduction:
-Groups of minimum 20 people
-Citizens from 12 to 24 years old
-Groups of students from the public and private schools of the European Union upon reservation
-Teachers of the European Community with a permanent position of State schools
-Journalists registered in the National Register and journalists in the performance of their duties and prior
Exhibition of a suitable document proving the professional activity carried out;
-Members of ICOM (International Council of Museum)
-Members of ICCROM (International Organization for Conservation of Cultural heritage)
-Owners of Campania Artecard

Conditions of gratuity:
-Citizens up to 12 years old
-Citizens of the European Union who are handicapped
-Tourist guides of the European Union in the exercise of its professional activity
-Tourist interpreters of the European Union in the exercise of its professional activity
-Employees of the Ministry of Cultural heritage and activities and the Ministry of the Interior

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Thursday
16.00 – 18.00

From Friday to Sunday
10.00 – 18.00
Monday: Closed

INFO and Reservations
Phone: + 39 333 8638997 domanapoli@gmail.com

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