Award winning pasta Afeltra of Gragg

Award winning pasta Afeltra of Gragg

The award-winning pasta factory Afeltra of Gragg is one of the oldest in the city, its production still follows the artisan method of the bronze drawing and the slow drying at low temperatures.

The company is located in the heart of Gragg, in via Roma, 20 in a historic building. From the outside you can not see the presence of a factory, but inside visitors will admire our pastifico of about 4000 sqm.

Guided tours of the Pasta factory are structured as:

  • Reception and presentation of the Pastifico in the teaching room, where each visitor will be equipped with disposable kits (headgear, shoe covers, shirts); 15 minutes
  • Production department, to observe the pre-kneading and pasta production phases; 10 minutes
  • Drying Department, to view the static cells where the long and slow drying phase is carried out at low temperatures; 5 minutes
  • Packing department, where the pasta is also packaged with a certain manuality; 10 minutes
  • Warehouse department, where the final product is kept; 5 minutes

Visits are made from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00, the visit lasts about 45 minutes.

At the end of the tour visitors have the opportunity to buy pasta in our company shop.

The guided tour provides a reimbursement of 5 euros plus VAT per person.

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Award winning pasta Afeltra of Gragg
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