Antiquarium of Palinuro

Antiquarium of Palinuro

The antiquarium is placed on a coastal cliff behind a suggestive cove in the locality of Ficocella. The building was built in the years ' 60 thanks to the interest of the provincial tourism Organization of Salerno, in order to give a place to the myriad of archaeological finds found for a succession of excavations starting from 1948.

From the outset the Antiquarium pointeded its lack of security measures for a series of thefts that convinced the archaeological superintendence of Salerno to withdraw the finds, and to keep them in the depots of the provincial capital.

From that moment a bitter quarrel was opened between the citizens and the institutions for the reopening of the "museum": in 1985 the Superintendence, directed by Prof. Werner Jowannosky, granted the return of the exhibits that were, however, exhibited in parish rooms suitably set up.

Ten years later, work was begun for the renovation and securing of the antiquarium of the Ficocella; In the meantime the ancient material was transferred, again, to the temporary seat in independence.

With the end of the renovation, finally, ended the wandering of the finds that represent only a part of what has been brought to light and that still lies in the soil of Palinuro.

Opening hours

From Monday to Sunday from 9.00-13,00/16.00-20.00.

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