Walking in the historic center of Naples

Walking in the historic center of Naples

Naples is among the most famous cities in the world, just think of the famous postcards with Sofia Loren, the pizza, the mandolin, the Gulf of Naples, the Vesuvius and the Castel dell ' Ovo. But of course Naples is not only popularity, the beautiful Neapolitan city is above all history, culture, scenic beauty, folklore.
Obviously it is unthinkable to bring back the history of Naples, for this there is Wikipedia, and then carry the link to follow to get this information.

In This article we will dedicate instead to the drafting of a route suitable for lovers of the stroller, in fact, although Naples is among the largest cities of Italy, the old town is fully visited on foot, without much effort.
The size of the itinerary will be extremely variable depending on your physical condition, the weather conditions, your desire to walk and especially at the time at your disposal. In fact, as we read in this article explaining how to visit Naples in 3 days, Naples is rich in monuments and places of interest.

A good itinerary to visit Naples on foot should definitely start from the old town. The best place is without doubt Piazza Dante, a square located in the center of the center and connected to the main means of transport of the city. From Piazza Dante walking in the streets of Naples will be a real spectacle, in fact, from here you can easily reach the National museum, the cemetery of the Fontanelles, Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, the cloister and the Basilica of St. Clare.
Not bad for a one day visit to Naples.

Of course, you can visit Naples on foot for even 2 days. In This case we will have the opportunity to take the famous route of Spaccanapoli that will let you discover one of the most characteristic traits of the city and will allow you to visit underground Naples and walk along via San Gregorio Armeno, the famous road of the shepherds.

Of course, among the routes to visit Naples on foot, you can not miss the promenade on the Caracciolo waterfront, with a visit to the Castel dell ' Ovo, the photo of the rite with Vesuvius behind, a walk to Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza del Plebiscito and a visit to Royal Palace.

All these routes did not include meals. I would bet that you will be pleased that visiting Naples on foot will allow you to discover a bunch of scents and flavors. In fact the vidéos of the center are dotted with wineries, inns, restaurants and of course pizzerias. Here you will delight your palate with all goodness.
I recommend the pizza, spaghetti with tomato, linguine with clams, the Baba and of course the famous Neapolitan coffee.

Naples is a beautiful city, of course in this short itinerary we have seen the main places of interest within walking distance from the center. But I assure you that this city has much more to offer.

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