A weekend in Sant'Agata Dei Goths

Sant'Agata dei Goti

Sant'Agata dei Goths, Benevento, is an ancient village recently included in the list of the most beautiful and characteristic villages of Italy. To the truth, to date, the small village of Benevento is ranked 7th in the list of the most beautiful villages of Italy.
In This article I will describe a short tourist route on foot through the streets of Sant'Agata dei Goths, while for more information on how to get to the village or its history I refer you to this Web page.

Probably your accommodation will not be in the center of the small and ancient village of Sant'Agata dei Goths, but instead will be in one of the many districts surrounding the mountain village. Not too bad, in fact at 500 meters from the center there is a large public car park (where there are public toilets). Our little tour will start right from here, from the parking lot.

Heading towards the center you will cross a majestic mountain bridge, from which you can enjoy the classic view of the village perched on a hill in Tuff. A spectacle not to be missed during the day, but unforgettable at night when the headlights and the stars give a magical touch to the scene.
Once in the centre, you will realize immediately that its dimensions are not prohibitive. The entire village of Sant'Agata dei Goths is visited in a few hours.

Among the main places of interest of this small village perched on the mountain are the Duomo of Sant'Agata dei Goths, the diocesan Museum, the ducal castle, the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, the Church of San Francesco, the Church of San Menna, the Terrace of the village. It would be superfluous to describe a real itinerary because these places are practically a few meters apart from each other and clearly visible.

My advice is to get lost among the houses of Sant'Agata of the Goths, to taste the medieval air, to feel the scent of the wet land and the noise of the wind in the mountains.
The village in summer is always crowded with wayfarers who stop one night to enjoy the many festivals and the many events that take place every year in this land.

For the rest that say, I recommend you to eat a lot ' of grilled meat, accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

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