Artichoke of Paestum IGP

Carciofo di Paestum

The "Paestum artichoke" IGP, also known as the "round of Paestum", from the name of the local, from which it derives, is attributable to the genetic group of artichokes of type "Romanesco". The round aspect of its heads, their high compactness, the absence of thorns in the bracts are the main qualitative and peculiar characteristics of the "Paestum artichoke", which have also consecrated its reputation among consumers. The early maturation character can also be considered an element of positivity given to it by the cultivation environment, the plain of Sele, which allows the "Paestum artichoke" to be present on the market before any other type of artichoke Romanesco.
Other typical characteristics of the product are: an average size of the heads (not more than 4 per shank per kg of product), stalk less than 10 cm, green colour with shades of violet-rosaceae, fleshy receptacle and particularly tasty.
The commercial characteristics of the "Paestum artichoke" described above are also the result of an accurate and laborious cultivation technique that the agricultural operators of the Piana del Sele have honed over the course of decades. The cool and rainy climate during the long period of production (February-May), which characterizes this area, also confers the typical and appreciated tenderness and delicacy to the product.
The characteristics of the "Paestum artichoke" IGP allow this product to be very appreciated in the kitchen, where it is used in the preparation of various typical recipes and local dishes such as pizza with artichokes, cream and mess to Artichokes, particularly pleasing to the many tourists who visit the plain of Sele and in particular the temples of Paestum.

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