Anchovies under salt

acciughe sotto sale

Anchovies-sub-saltWhat are anchovies in salt?

The anchovies (so-called anchovies) are an irreplaceable fruit of fishing, a very flourishing activity in all the coastal municipalities of the provinces of Naples and Salerno. The traditional recipes for the preparation of the anchovies are numerous throughout the midday, but in particular the recipe of the anchovies under salt has been kept unchanged for reasons, as well as taste, also of necessity. The preservation of salt, in fact, allows to keep the anchovies for whole months, making sure that they can be consumed during the long periods of bad weather, when it is impossible to go out by sea and when the fishing is poor.


The procedure adopted both in the family and by small companies that market the product, provides that fresh anchovies are kept in salt a first time for about 2 days, and then be cleaned completely, salted a second time, covered With weights because they are pressed and expel the blood naturally and then left to mature. As well as simply under salt, the anchovies are often mixed, at the time of the second salting, even with the ground chili and with bits of garlic, because they acquire a spicy flavor.

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