What are they?Ammugliatielli

It is called "poor" a dish of tradition that uses only local raw materials, a heritage of peasant culture, which has always exploited with wise insight every product, even those that elsewhere are considered waste. It is the case of the Ammugliatielli, the tasty rolls of lamb's innards, a product typical of the interior areas of Campania, in particular of the Campania-Lucan Apennines. Because of the geographic extent of their diffusion, the recipe and the name vary slightly: they are, in fact, defined as "Mugliatieddu", "Glummarieddi", "Migliatielli" or "migliatieddi", terms which, however, derive all from "Mugliatiello", "Ball", Because they remember a ball both for the shape and for the gesture that is necessary to prepare them, similar to what is accomplished to wrap the wool.


The Ammugliatielli are, basically, the entrails of lactating lamb wrapped in a stick of wood, accompanied, possibly, by garlic, parsley, cheese and chilli. All the variants of the recipe stipulate that the insides are carefully washed to avoid the transmission of pathologies to man (although the lambs used are in neonatal age and have, therefore, only ingested milk, which excludes almost entirely the Presence of viruses transmissible to humans, possibly eliminated by cooking), dipped for a few hours in water and citrus peels and dried, only to be partially used as a base for padding together with cheese, sweetbreads, parsley and garlic, or Only citrus fruits. The remainder serves to close the rolls. The Ammugliatielli are mostly roasted, although they can be cooked in various ways.

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