Amalfi: What to do and what to see


What can we say about Amalfi? The name evokes in us a sensation of beauty, probably due to its sea, so blue as to seem in communion with the sky. Or, again, the famous white houses, a typical summer architecture, that tells us traditions and the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

What to visit in Amalfi?

Amalfi is not very large, it counts a little more than 7000 inhabitants. Every year, however, it is taken by thousands of tourists, both Italian and foreign, who are enchanted by its wonders. In 1997, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.  And how could it be otherwise?

Amalfi has the perfect climate to enjoy a summer at the most, between fun and relaxation, thanks to the presence of numerous places to have aperitifs in front of the sea.

Did you know that Amalfi is the place where cannelloni were probably invented? Yes, the famous pasta finds many recipes with which to be served by the various restaurants. In addition to the historical monuments and the sea, you can make a path in which to taste the excellence Amalfi.

We have selected for you some places that must be necessarily visited when you are near Amalfi.

The importance and beauty of its coastline

  • Maritime Tour between Amalfi and Capri: The Amalfi Coast is famous all over the world. When you are here, it is impossible not to let yourself be conquered by the enchanting sea. We advise you to take a maritime boat tour between Amalfi and Capri. The Amalfi Coast boasts 50 km of coastline. Moreover, it is also very close to Positano, another inevitable destination, which deserves to be discovered. Here you will discover the pristine beaches and visit the Bays and grottos;
  • Cloister of Paradise: Located at the Duomo of Amalfi, the cloister of paradise is probably one of the most famous buildings in the city. Built between 1266 and 1268, as a cemetery in which they would find rest the illustrious and deserving citizens, its historical importance is known. Inside, there were six frescoed chapels, of which today only five remain. You can visit them and read the various inscriptions dedicated to them;

Valley of the ironworks: among waterfalls, streams and nature reserves

  • Walloon of the ironworks: we of tourism Campania, we cherish your travels, even if choosing and advising only certain destinations is very difficult, because there are a variety of places so fascinating that it is impossible not to visit. This is the case of a Walloon of the ironworks. You can reach this place on foot from the city: it will take you about an hour. Thanks to the creek and the waterfalls, the place is very breezy, so it is advisable to discover it in the middle of summer to seek refreshment from the city. Inside it has a nature reserve oriented;
  • Duomo of Amalfi: Speaking of the city, it is impossible not to mention the Duomo. Predominantly Romanesque and baroque, we can also find Rococo features, as well as Arab and Norman elements. Having been remodelled several times, it is a very important complex that marks the various artistic currents present in Italy. Here we can find the cloister of Paradise and the crypt of Sant’Andrea.

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