Turismo Campano is a guide dedicated entirely to Campania, its cultural, gastronomic, naturalistic and scenic beauties. It offers tourist attractions, guided tours, tours, itineraries, lastminutes, events and accommodations.

The Web portal www.turismocampano.it guides users in their holidays in Campania to discover places, traditions and small or big events present throughout the territory of the five provinces Campania. In addition, it facilitates direct and without intermediation contact with the structures of Campania and local institutions, thanks to the space dedicated to them directly on the website.

The project

The project stems from the idea of offering a meeting point between the tourist, the tourist operators and the receptive structures of the Campania region. The primary purpose is to have a marketplace where companies and tour operators (which we will define from here on as “activities”) enter their services and where users can search for what they need to plan their holidays in Campania or for Discover the many destinations and tourist attractions.

We are not a tourist operator, we are a web portal that, thanks to the passion, the experiences and the skills of its creators, gives visibility to the participating structures.

On the portal there are only activities selected by the tourism staff of Campania as: restaurants, hotels, B&B, farmhouses, cafes, rentals and transfers, travel agencies, etc. In addition, to offer the user information at 360 °, there is a section with quality articles promoted and designed by our staff specifically for travelers, highlighting the main tourist attractions bells, individual itineraries or routes Tourist and thematic links: places, tastes and traditions in the area of the five provinces.

Finally, to increase the user experience, the users of the portal can: easily share information about social bookmarks and follow the updates on our pages on Twitter and Facebook, request information directly from the card Interested, to become spokesman for their territory and their experiences of travel in Campania, through the space dedicated to the “bloggers” or sending a proposal of article for our magazine.

The next step? The translation of the portal in several languages, including: English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Support you too, with your presence and a donation we could accomplish great things.

Want to find out how to be part of our portal, contact us to receive more information or make an appointment.

Thank you for the attention you want to dedicate, on behalf of the tourism staff of Campania.

Good navigation:)

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