5 Romantic Restaurants in Benevento

Are you or are you from Benevento and looking for some romantic restaurants in which to bring your he or her to amaze you with an evening dedicated to relaxation and great food? We have compiled a list of wonderful and unmissable places!

Here are the five most romantic restaurants in Benevento

  • Dionisio: This restaurant is located in Via Alfonso de Blasio 3/11, in Corso Garibaldi. It is ideal for a romantic dinner or lunch with your sweet half. Inside, the structure of the stone arches further embellishes the room, giving a magical and special air. In addition to the location, it is fair to mention the great food that you can taste. From the appetizer until dessert, it is all strictly sannio. His dishes are often at 0 km. It offers a delicious first of black spaghetti, typical of the place, which we recommend absolutely to taste. It is the ideal place for a romantic dinner, by candlelight. Moreover, it is located right in the historical centre of Benevento: After, a long walk will make you digest, while admiring the art;

A dinner at the tavern for an unforgettable evening in the streets of the old town

  • The Stables: located in Via Castello. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to eat in a castle and here you can do it. The staff is very friendly and helpful and will treat you like royalty and queens. One of the first more details, that you should try, is the basket of pasta alla genovese… no, it is not native to Genoa. It's a very good meat-based condiment. The castle of the Lamb will make you live a dream dinner, we are sure;
  • Cotton Club Osteria: The address is Via Giovanni de Vita, 16. There are many couples who appreciate dinner or lunch in an inn. These rooms are typically narrow, in wood or stone, and offer a very respectable home cooking, which often beats the starry dishes. You should definitely take a leap into this beautiful place. Between typical dishes and the very good wine list, you'll enjoy a romantic dinner for two;

Between farmhouses and castles: Here's where to go

  • The tricline of the Faun: The address is Contrada Pino. This location is nothing short of a dream. The view of the city of Benevento will make you live an unforgettable evening. The outline looks like a picture, a postcard, in which you will be the protagonists of the evening. The dishes are extremely refined and the cuisine is high-class, but without forgetting the products of the land, of which Benevento is generous;
  • Casale San Lorenzello: You can visit this place in Via San Marco, in San Lorenzello. We move, this time, to a place just outside Benevento. A farmhouse is always ideal for a couple: we can consider a romantic getaway from the city. The place is very quaint, the farmhouse is stone and it is really well maintained. Like any self-respecting farmhouse, it has a list of dishes to km 0 and local products. Excellent appetizer, with its salami and cheeses. Delight yourself with great homemade food and a day immersed in nature and quiet.

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