Avellino is a very charming city, rich in history and noteworthy artistic points of note. Like every city in Campania, it offers a lot of positives in every sector: from the kitchen to the tourist guides, you will find yourself in a city that will captivate you.

The magnificent city of Avellino: peace, history and tranquillity

This place is notoriously quiet, full of peculiar and personal characteristics. Avellino is surrounded by greenery: it is not a purely urban city. For this reason, you may find yourself making long hikes in the mountains.

The city is linked to its past, of which it keeps alive many traditions and it has never been conquered by the craving of man building. Its air is pristine, its charm derives from the aesthetics of its buildings and the calm with which you can visit.

In addition to the churches and cathedrals, you can be amazed by the high concentration of farmhouses: being immersed in the peace of the green, there are many who offer their customers the attractions purely in contact with nature.

Here we are surrounded by the mountains: Picentini, the Montevergine, the massif of the mountain… and first of all we suggest you to take long walks around Avellino.

What to visit in Avellino: the most characteristic places

One of the most enchanting and exclusive places on the Avellino soil is the sanctuary of Montevergine, located on the massif. The latter is the destination of many tourists every year: its world renown makes it perfect for the most religious, but also for those who study art and are fascinated by paintings.

To reach the sanctuary, you can embark on two roads: from Ospedaletto d ' Capinoo or thanks to the funicular, which starts from mahi. The first route involves the exploration of numerous lanes and woody paths that are really beautiful and scenic.

However, the Avellino beauty does not culminate with the sanctuary: the Cathedral of the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta and of San Modesto is also worth a visit. San Modesto is also the patron saint of the city, and the celebrations are held on February 14th.

The traditions of Avellino: Religious Cults and events

A very nice and noteworthy event is the procession of the assumption: the popular tradition keeps alive this tradition, which has been happening for a very long time.

The symbol of Avellino is the clock tower: Over the years, it has been severely tested by earthquakes, in 1668, in 1742 and the last in 1980, where the city had numerous problems and irreparable damage.

The tower rises in the sky; Its height is 36 meters. Among other things, we can mention the fountain of Bellerophon, known by the term of Fontana of Constantinople or Caracciolo.

If you are visiting with your children, you may think to head along Corso Vittorio Emanuele: Here you will find the Church of the Holy Rosary and the Villa Comunale. The latter offers in particular the attractions suitable for the little ones. After a visit to the city, it is good to eat in a place immersed in greenery and tranquillity. Your children can play in the playground dedicated to them.