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cattedrale casertavecchia

The city of Caserta is certainly better known for the presence of the Bourbon Palace, which “obscures” the rest of its monuments and beauties. However, there are secrets and mysteries to discover that are worth a trip out of the door.

This is the case of Casertavecchia, one of the best kept and most fascinating medieval villages in Italy. This village is located in the foothills of the Tifatini Mountains; Its altitude is 401 meters. You should know that during the Middle Ages Casertavecchia was the city centre.

Casertavecchia: How to fall in love with an Italian village

Like any monument of some importance and rather “old”, the date of its official construction is difficult to establish with certainty. Fortunately, there comes to help a Benedictine monk, who, at the time of his writing, pointed out that Casertavecchia could exist since 861 A.D.

The story about the village is interesting, because many peoples passed by here; The first, the best known, were the Lombards. During the attacks of the Saracens, being the village at the top, many citizens could find shelter and defenses in the city center, which represented for them a stronghold from the external dangers.

After all, the beauty of this village is also due to its location: surrounded by mountains, here you can breathe clean air, air of history and ancient mysteries. When the citizens began to settle in Mass in the village, of course there was the need to build a cathedral, the one we know as St. Michael the Archangel.

After the Lombards, also the Swabians and the Aragonese passed by Casertavecchia, increasing the fame and the political situation. However, after the arrival of the Aragonese, the village began to lose its importance, so much so that it was abandoned by its own citizens.

The historical charm of Casertavecchia: a millenary history behind

It seems that the last bastion of the old City was only the bishop and the seminary. A greater decadence, was had after the Bourbons, who decided to give importance to the surroundings of the city and to omit Casertavecchia.

Thanks to the inclusion in the guide to Italian national Monuments, from 1960 Casertevecchia has regained its ancient splendour and is now stormed by thousands of tourists every year. In addition, there are many couples who choose to make a romantic weekend around the village, because of the atmosphere and intimacy.

Here you can admire the Duomo, the cathedral, some rest of the castle, unfortunately no longer the one of the time, and the bell tower. In the streets of the village, you will have the opportunity to stop along the trattorias and to eat outdoors, enjoying the wonderful view.

Treat yourself to a romantic weekend in this village

The panoramic view is in fact one of the major attractions in the city. You can visit it also in summer, because thanks to its altitude always ensures a nice fresh, which, let’s say, is always comfortable.

Also, let yourself be captivated by the history of the cathedral, which seems to have some building material of “fairy” origin. Myths, legends and a history Unfortunately in decay bind Casertavecchia to the indescribable fascination of the Campania region.

A place that is impossible not to visit.

In Photo The Duomo of Casertavecchia-excerpt from Wikipedia (Link source)

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